Our Vision

i. To establish, maintain and supervise approved Accounting Systems in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies.
ii. To ensure adequate security over Government funds by establishing and monitoring adequate Internal Control Systems through the Internal Audit Units in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies.
iii. To prepare yearly Financial Statements i.e the Final Accounts as required by law.
iv. To guide against the occurrence of Fraud, Embezzlement and Wastages of Government resources by making sure that monies collected are properly and promptly accounted for.

Our Mission

i. To evolve strategies for more prudent use of the State funds to cushion the effect of reductions in FAAC Allocations occasioned by the Global Economics Crises.
ii. To ensure accuracy, completeness, timely collection and reporting of the State’s Internally Generated revenues.
iii. To ensure timely Preparation of Financial Reports for Planning and Reporting purposes.
iv. To evolve proactive measures to deter fraud and corrupt practices in the management of the State’s Finances.
1Consolidation of Accounts2012i. Government consolidated all Government Accounts into smaller manageable Accounts.

ii. MDAs were allowed to operate a single Bank Account tagged Salary/Operational Cost: Revenue, Expenditure and Investment Accounts at the State Government Treasury level.

i. Government was able to reduce Government Accounts from over 2000 to less than 100 Bank Accounts.

ii. Transparency in the running of Government.


Government was able to mob up over Four Billion Naira from different Accounts which were not known to Treasury and was used for developmental projects.
2Electronic Payment and  Disbursement Platform2012This project enables task payers to pay into any Government Revenue Accounts of their choice, and collect their receipt immediately and Government monitor the same Accounts by various agencies.Government was able to increase revenue from all sources on average of 900m at the commencement of the project to over 2b naira monthly. This was possible because of several leakages blocked by ICT.Doing business with Government was made easier and transparent.
3Adoption of IPSAS2015Government financial reports are made in line with National Economic Commission (NEC) directives and with international best practices.Government Financial Statements are produced in line with International Standards which will make interpretation easy for all

Prospective users.

Government is able access Funds and other benefits from bilateral and other international.

Address: Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan

Email: accountant.general@oyostate.gov.ng

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