Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYSIEC) was established by the State Independent Electoral Commission Law, 1999 pursuant to Section 197 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 which establishes the State Independent Electoral Commission, Judicial Service Commission and Civil Service Commission in each of the States of the Federation.

According to  the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  and State Independent Electoral Commission Law,  the Commission has power to:

  • Conduct, organize and supervise all elections to Local Government Councils in the State in accordance with the provisions of the law or any other enactment, regulations rules or manuals issued by the electoral Commission; and
  • Render such advice as it may consider necessary to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the compilation of and the registration of Voters for the Local Government Elections in the State.

Our Vision

To advance democracy at the grass root for rapid socio-economic development of every nook and cranny of Oyo State.

Our Mission

  • To conduct, organize and supervise all elections to Local Government Councils within the State;
  • To render such advice as it may consider necessary to the Independent National Electoral Commission on the compilation and registration of voters for the Local Government election in the State.

Our Objectives

  • To conduct credible, free and fair Local Government Election
  • To minimize election litigations through credible, free, fair and generally accepted election.
  • To reduce apathy of the people towards Local Government Election through public enlightenment and voters education.
  • To conduct Local Government Election in a friendly environment devoid of harassment and molestation.


Address : Office of the Permanent/Secretary Quarter 848, Total Garden-Gate Road, Agodi GRA, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Phone: 08030692731

  1. The Commission has commented the process of amending the OYSIEC Law
  2. Ad-hoc staff proposed for the, 2017 and  Local Government Election include:
    • Local Government Returning Officers
    • Ward Returning Officers
    • Presiding Officers
    • Poll Clerks
    • Poll Orderlies
    • Supervisors 
  3. Logistics: Vehicles/Motorcycles
  4. Election Materials:
    • Printing of Sensitive Election Materials
    • Provision of Non-sensitive Election
  5. Office Equipment:

    • Procurement of Computers, Printers, Photocopiers and Spiral Binding Machines, etc.
  6. The services of many security agents in the State such as Police, Customs, Immigration, Civil Defense Officers, etc. will be employed.

  7. Public Sensitization and voters education will be vigorously pursued across the State

  8. Private Institutions, NGOs, and body of FOSIECON shall be allowed to monitor the election.

  9. Zonal Stores:

    • The plan to build stores in 6 electoral zones for effective
  10. Computerization and Internet facility:

    The 6 electoral zonal offices shall be computerized and connected to the internet for effective and speedy dissemination of information.

  11. Legal Retainer ship:

    Provision is made for any litigation that may arise from the 2017 and  Local Government Election.

  12. Bye Election:

    Provision is equally made for likely bye-election.

  13. Other Capital Projects:

    Other capital projects such as renovation of Office Building, Construction of Car Park, drive-way and landscaping; raising of perimeter fence, etc. are proposed to make OYSIEC conducive, Secured and match other State Electoral Commissions’ Offices were proposed in 2017 and Estimates.

  • Credible, free, fair and generally accepted Local Government Election
  • Minimal attendant election litigation
  • Increased political awareness and participation by the people at the grass root in the state.