The Ministry evolved from Public Works Department in charge of the execution of Government projects to become a full-fledged Ministry, to also incorporate operation, planning and management of Government infrastructure. The operational departments under the ministry include Public Buildings, Highways, Mechanical & Electrical and the State Fires Service.

Our Vision

The intention of the Ministry is to remain a critical implementation organ for delivering essential public works, transportation infrastructure, provision and maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations throughout the state including safeguarding lives and property of the citizens through the provision of fire fighting services. Being a critical member of the infrastructure cluster, the success of the Ministry will create significant mileage for Oyo State Government and enhance public goodwill.

Our Mission

Develop policies and plans that will lead to the revamping and building of well planned and aligned transportation infrastructure for critical development needs of the State including the development of the capacity of public works to meet the needs of the citizenry.

Develop a works and transport system for overall development, expansion, promotion and protection of roads, bridges and other essential public infrastructure in order to contribute to economic and social development of the state.

To protect adequate, safe and well maintained public works and transportation infrastructure and services that support socio – economic development of the State.

Our Objectives

Advising Government on policy matters in respect of road transportation with a view to providing an effective network of roads that will enhance economic growth throughout the State.

Advising Government on policy matters in respect of public buildings including construction, rehabilitation and maintenance.

Advising Government on policy matters in respect of procurement and maintenance of mechanical and electrical appliances and gadgets throughout the State.

Provision of fire fighting services and equipment to combat outbreak of fire and other disasters in order to safeguard lives and property of its citizens.


All the projects under this are geared towards improving the deplorable electrical infrastructure in urban and rural centres. If these projects are pursued to logical conclusion, it will in no small measure contribute to social well being of the citizens by way of providing security for lives and property.


If all these capital projects are properly funded and executed as proposed it will help in provision and maintenance of good road network throughout the state that will enhance economic activities of the citizenry.  

It will make more revenue accrued to the government which in turn, will be used for the provision of essential social infrastructure for the benefit of the populace.


Advising government on policy matters in respect of Public Buildings and the Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of Public Buildings.

There are eight Departments in the Ministry comprising five operational and three services departments namely:

  • Highways
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Vehicle Administration Department
  • Public Buildings
  • Fire Services
  • Administration and Supplies
  • Finance and Accounts and Planning
  • Research and Statistics.

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