Bureau of Public Procurement

The Bureau of Public Procurement was established by the Public Procurement Law (2010) with the view of institutionalizing a culture of efficiency, transparency, integrity, accountability, competence and competitiveness in the procurement process to ensure fairness, competition, transparency and cost accuracy in Oyo State Government.

Our Vision

To ensure fairness, competition, transparency and cost accuracy. To ensure strict compliance with the law as well as with the rule and procedures governing the award of contracts/procurement, consultancy services direct labor projects, direct purchase and disposal of public property.

Our Mission

  • Reviewing the request of various forms from MDAs for the issuance of ‘certificate of no objection’ processing through the office of the Permanent Secretary (General Administration), Office of the Executive Governor.
  • Site visitation on government roads, building, furniture supply and procurements.
  • Attending meetings of various kinds e.g. ministerial tender meetings, departmental meetings of MDAs
  • To ensure that government realizes value for public funds expended on projects
  • To ensure effective delivery of projects within the constraints of time, cost, quality and scope
  • Tracking of project execution with a view to facilitating prompt, timely and efficient project delivery
  • To ensure that payment to contractors are matched by commensurate quantity and quality of work

Our Objectives

The objective (in tandem with this administration’s vision to reposition, transform and restore the State to its Pacesetter status) is to institutionalize a culture of effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of budgetary expenditures thereby eliminating waste, leakages and incidents of abandoned projects.

Other objectives include;

  • Ensure that request for funds are in line with the provisions of the Budget.
  • Ensure that only projects that have been budgeted for are admitted for execution.
  • Ensure that budget spending is based on authentic, reasonable and fair costing.
  • Harmonize existing Government policies/practices and update same on public procurement.
  • Ensure that packaging of projects is geared to the realization  of  Government priorities and targets.
  • Determine whether or not Due Process has been observed in the procurement of services and contracts.
  • Establish and update pricing standard and benchmarks for all        supplies of goods and services to Government.

Monitor the implementation of projects during execution with a view to providing information on performance, output, compliance with specification and target (cost, quality and time).

Registration of contractors/suppliers/service providers that work with various MDAs

  • Payment for forms by contractors/suppliers/service providers
  • Payment for registration fix by contractors/suppliers/service providers
  • Filling and submission of all relevant documents (registration of business, evidence of tax payment, etc.) by contractors/suppliers/service providers
  • Registration of contractors/suppliers/service providers by the Bureau
  • Certificate of registration is handed out by the Bureau
  • Renewal is done after 12 calendar month of registration

Issuance of “certificate of no objection”

Inspection of project carried out within various MDAs

Oyo State Guidelines on Public Procurement

The Bureau of Public Procurement has succeeded in ensuring the creation of a synergy between various Ministries, Departments, Agencies and other Government Parastatals by establishing a working environment where there is proper knowledge of how business processes should be conducted and an environment that allows for free flow of information through substantial improvement in the communication methods.

Uniquely, The Bureau has ultimately ensured time effectiveness by ensuring that the process of registration of contractors/suppliers/service providers that work with various MDAs, receiving, vetting and approval of proposed projects and project costs from various MDAs is free from unnecessary administrative bottlenecks by treating them as they are received without accumulating documents, a great upgrade from what has been.

Through the Moderation of estimates/projects from the MDAS in terms of project cost of procurement/projects, and through ensuring compliance with the law as well as with the Bureau’s guidelines on the projects/requests, contracts/procurements, consultancy services, direct labour projects, direct purchase and disposal of public property from the MDAS and by setting up procedures and methods of ensuring that the procurement for which certificate of no objection was issued was actually done, the Bureau has been able to reduce corruption and largely minimize the diversion of Government fund, a noteworthy change that has bettered Oyo State.

With the efficiency, fairness, reliability transparency, accountability and ethical standards in the activities of the Bureau of Public Procurement, there have been records of extensive and unprecedented savings made on behalf of the Government of Oyo State.


Note: Professional registration and renewal fees must be paid by all Firms of Auditors interested in Auditing of Accounts of Parastatals/Corporations/Board.

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