The Bureau of Physical Planning and Development Control was created from Ministry of Lands , Housing and Survey in April, 2017.Currently the Bureau which has Tpl.(Alhaji) Waheed Gbadamosi (FNITP) as the Director General and Special Adviser to his Excellency Senator Abiola Ajimobi, operates at the headquarters and in other sixty eight (68) town planing offices located in the 33 LGAs and 35 LCDAs in Oyo State.

Our Vision

The creation of a functional, balanced, healthy, safe and aesthetically-pleasing environment, conducive for living, working and recreational activities in Oyo State.

Our Mission

To establish a stable, transformative, systemic and sustainable development in Oyo State by integrating and harmonizing socio-economic programmes with physical planning principles, processes and procedures.

Our Objectives

  • To initiate, formulate and implement policies for the repositioning and strategic development of urban and rural settlements.
  • To formulate and implement physical planning policies for spatial location of infrastructural facilities in Oyo State.
  • To prepare sets of physical development plans for the various constituent settlements in the State.
  • To foster inter-ministerial collaboration by providing expert technical advice and support to State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).
  • To prepare and oversee Regional Development plan for Oyo State, thereby reducing regional imbalance and disparity and also to ensure harnessing of available resources for optimal returns of the invested resources.
  • To facilitate easy access to physical planning laws and regulations in Oyo State.
  • To evolve mechanism that ensure compliance with the physical planning laws in Oyo State.
  • To provide an enabling environment for the delivery of viable and valuable services in a sustainable manner in the state.
  • To promote principles of sustainable development an encourage greater public participation in physical planning and development activities in the state.
  • To ensure Oyo State harvests from its physical planning projects and programmes sponsored/ supported by external donor agencies.

The Bureau has five (5) Departments which are:

  • Department of Physical Development Control (PDC)
  • Department of Physical Strategic Development planning (SPDP)
  • Department of Urban Renewal, Monitoring Compliance and Enforcement(URMCE)
  • Department of Administration and Supplies
  • Department of Finance and Account


The aforementioned departments generally perform the following functions, among others:

  • Formation of state policies for Urban and Regional Planning
  • Preparation of various kinds of physical development plans (local, area, subject, structured, strategic, master and regional plans)
  • Granting of planning permit on all application on physical development.
  • Handling slum upgrading and improvement projects.
  • Monitoring the implementation of National, State and Local housing programmes
  • Coordinating externally-supported/financed projects e.g. The sustainable Ibadan Project (SIP), the UNICEF-assisted Urban Basic Services (UBS) project, the world Bank-assisted Urban Renewal Programmes and the current World Bank-assisted Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project.
  • Initiation and formulation of State Policies for Urban and Regional Planning
  • Liaison with the Federal Agencies responsible for initiation and preparation of physical Development Plan
  • Preparation and submission of annual progress report on the operation of the National Physical Development Plans as they affect Oyo State
  • Carry out publicity and enlightenment activities on Physical Planning.
  • Handling development applications with a view to granting planning permit or otherwise
  • Granting/issuance of planning permit(s)/approval on all developments
  • Ensuring issuance of appropriate bills and payment of same for planning permits
  • Monitoring and follow-up of physical developments with a view to ensuring compliance to approved plans
  • Service of statutory notices on illegal structures and erring developers
  • Control and monitoring of urban environmental degradation and promotion of sustainable development compliance
  • Enforcement of development compliance
  • Planning audit of old and new physical development with a view to regularize such planning permit
  • Removal of illegal structures, critical and obnoxious development.
  • Initiation and Formulation of Urban Renewal Policies for the State
  • Carrying out of publicity and public enlightenment on urban renewal and environmental management programmes and projects
  • Monitoring compliance, and Enforcement activities
  • Conduct research, disseminate results and create Library where planning information and research results can be accessed
  • Formulate policies to integrate stake-holders to contribute their quotas towards the implementation of urban renewal and environmental management programmes
  • Monitoring the implementation of State Housing and Rural Development programmes and projects
  • To evolve policies that will generate periodic on the job training, both locally and abroad to all cadres and levels
  • To prepare and submit annual budget, reports, audited accounts and proposals for other activities of the Agency to the Executive Council not later 31st December of each year.

Achievement of the Bureau as an arm of government responsible for physical planning and development control in the State.

  1. Strategic Physical Development Planning:

Designing and preparation of sub-division (layout) plans for residential, commercial and industrial land uses in the following areas;

  • The oluyole free trade zone and industrial park along lagos ibadan expressway
  • Design of temidire (ife expressway and the new garage ijebu-ode road) Modern Motor parks with … Uses
  • Sub division of the neighbourhood /community markets at the old Scout Camp (challenge area Ibadan), the old NITEL site at Molete Area and the old Nitel site at Old-Ife Road, Ibadan
  • Design and sub-division of plots as Automobile Depot for motor dealer association of Nigeria at old Nitel site, Molete Ibadan and along Akala way off new garage Ibadan
  • Sub-division of Residential plots at old educational zone stateland, behind Adeoyo state hospital, Ringroad Ibadan
  • Sub-division of residential plots along Ibadan – Oyo expressway Akinyele Ibadan
  • Re-designing of residential plots on stateland along Koomi road, Saki,Saki West Local Government
  • Design and sub-division of plots at NIHORT area Jericho and Elenusonso Area Ibadan.
  1. Physical development control activites
  • Processing of applications for development permit for residential, commercial, industrial and other land uses on statelands and other lands in the state.
  • Granting of permit for change of uses
  • Revalidation of old and lapsed development permits
  • Identification and marking of structures within setbacks of roads scheduled for reconstruction /rehabilitation in Oyo State and illegal structures within setback of roads scheduled for reconstruction/rehabilitation in Oyo State and illegal structures within flood plains
  • Improved Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the State through statutory fees, fines and penalties
  • Regularization of Physical Planning and Development Permits along Commercial Corridors of major Cities in the state.
  1. Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement along flood plains:

Removal of structures/ buildings along waterways/streams setbacks.

  • 2,106 buildings/structures were identified for demolition by the State Committee on flood
  • 216 buildings/structures were demolished throughout the 11 Local Governments in Ibadan along Ona-Ara river, Sango/Eleyele Polytechnic road, Apete stream, Ogbere river, Challenge Odo-ona area, Agbowo/Orogun stream.


  • Safety of lives and properties
  • Free flow of streams and rivers
  • To help in flood management and safe the city from regular flood disaster
  1. Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement on Statelands:

Sanitization of existing statelands and other lands through removal of illegal structures and shanties throughout the State.

  • Total number of 65 structures were removed from Alalubosa GRA
  • 52 shanties were removed from Kolapo Ishola GRA
  • 7 gates were removed from Agodi GRA
  • 15 structures and shanties were removed from Awotan/Apete GRA


  • To sanitize all the GRAs from illegal development.
  1. Regularization of planning panning permit of Banks along commercial corridors of Ibadan.
  • To determine the approval of status of structures being used as banks so as to protect members of the pubic in terms of their safety, health and well-being
  • To retrieve all funds accruable to the State Government in the form of planning approval fees
  1. Coordinating the Ibadan City Masterplan to guide the growth and development of Ibadan City and its environs.


  • Serve as basis for future plans
  • Provide broad basis for prospective consultants in the preparation of detailed Masterplan
  • Provide general information and baseline data on Ibadan City.
  1. Initiate intensive public enlightenment campaign on physical planning activities in the State to change the attitude of developers

To enlighten the public on the activities of the Ministry through the following medium:

  • Radio/Television Jingles
  • Posters/fliers
  • Public Service Announcements
  1. Sanitization of development of filling stations in the State
  2. Beautification of major open spaces as identified in the draft Masterplan for Ibadan and other development plans in the State.
  • Some open spaces have been identified
  • Design of the open spaces have been carried out on the portion of Iwo Road Interchange
  • Work plan already prepared by the Bureau for Identified spaces
  1. Integration of rural areas of Oyo State into development agenda of government through Key Villages Planning Concept

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