The Office of the State Surveyor-General was created about 5 years ago on the 16th May, 2007. It is an Extra-Ministerial Agency whose duties include to produce up-to-date and purposeful geographic information for the state, local government. Areas, towns and villages in order to facilitate smooth administration, sound economic planning and use development, tourism, research, delimitation and maintenance of state and local government boundaries, population and housing census.

Our Vision

To create and provide up-to- date and responsive Geo-Spatial data depicting the potentials of Land and the resources thereon in order to assist Government in effective planning, management and efficient deployment of the resources for the common good of the citizens of the state.

Our Mission

The state is blessed with about 28, of land most of which are still under-utilized for wealth creation. The Office intends to create a geoinformation database for planning, development of road constructions and other physical developments beneficial to the people of the state.

Our Objectives

  • To produce up-to-date and purposeful geographic information for state, local government areas, towns and villages in order to facilitate smooth administration, sound economic planning and land use development,Research, Delimitation and Maintenance of state and local government boundaries, population and housing census.
  • To equip and modernize the office to keep pace with the ever advancing technology in the quest to generate optimal revenue from all Geo-spatial information services.
  • To establish and maintain a robust geographic information laboratory in order to support the state physical, social and economic development.


The Honourable commissioner for Lands, Housing and Survey is the supervising Commissioner/Political Head for the Office. The Office is made up of Five (5) Departments as follows:

  • Demarcation and survey of 4000 Ha of Land at Otu for Allied Atlantic Distilleries Limited.
  • Demarcation and Survey of 1000Ha of Land at Igboora for Allied Distilleries Limited.
  • Demarcation and Survey of 100 Ha of land along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway for Corner Stone University.
  • Confirmation /Preliminary survey of land donated for Agriculture Initiative by five (5) Local Governments (Saki West Oorelope, Iwajowa, Ibarapa East and Iseyin).
  • Subdivision of plots of lands and re-establishment surveys within the various GRA in the State.
  • Survey of land for Anikasuld Company Limited at Agodi, Ibadan.
  • Survey of Land for Breedwell Feed Limited at Esuoso village along Ijebu Ode Road, Ibadan.
  • Survey of Land for Friendly Top Nigeria Limited at Obafemi Awolowo way, Molete, Ibadan.
  • Survey of Land for Water Tank Stardium within Bodija Market, Ibadan.
  • Charting and Inspection /Investigation of survey plans attached applications on Certificate of Occupancy and other title documents.
  • Monitoring the practice of the Private Practising surveyors in the State.
  • Compilation of the list of miners in the State with a view of interacting with them towards sensitizing them to rise up to their responsibilities on revenue generation of the State Govt.
  • The Technical Sub-committee of the State Boundary Dispute Resolution Committee has waded into various disputed communities within the state such as: Bakatari, Eleso, Babaode,Saki East/ Saki West, Ibadan North West/Iddo Local Government. The visitation was to forestall breakdown of
    law and order between the feuding towns.
  • Survey of portion of Onigambari Forest reserve, for Ministry of Natural Resources, measuring about 2,000 Ha.
  • Survey of Land for ROBOR Nigeria Limited,(200 Hectare along Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, Ibadan.
  • Survey of Land for Krishat Pharmaceutical along Ibadan/Lagos Expressway, Ibadan (4.09 Hectares).
  • Digital Mapping of Oyo State and Establishment of Geographic Information System. Siraj Holding S.A.L has been invited by the State Government: On-going
  • Preliminary survey of proposed New G.R.A. Land at Iroko, along Ibadan/Oyo Expressway, Ibadan Akinyele Local Government (1,434 Hectares).
  • Preliminary survey of proposed New G.R.A Land at Ore, Iwo-Road, Ibadan, Lagelu Local Government Area (205 Hectares).
  • Preliminary survey of proposed New G.R.A at Sogunro along Ibadan/Oyo Expressway Akinyele Local Government Area (144 Hectares).
  • Survey of 3.050 Hectares of lands for PICORAOD Company Limited off Ibadan/Ijebu Road, Ibadan.

Digital Mapping of Oyo State.

1Layout Survey of some parcels of Lands within the various Forest Reserves in the StateGambari, Igangan, Lanlate, Opara, OsoFor Agricultural purpose in line with Agric Revolution Program of the State GovernmentPerimeter survey  for individuals allottees
2Survey of some parcels of lands on various Local Government SchemesSaki in Saki West, Ibadan in Ibadan South-west, Kisi/Igbeti Road Irepo Local Government, Ado-Awaye in Iseyin Local GovernmentMaking land available to individuals in line with the transformation and restoration agenda of the GovernmentPerimeter survey of change of title
3Survey of some parcel of lands with the various StateJericho, IyagankuMaking land available to individuals in line with the transformation and restoration agenda of the GovernmentPerimeter survey
4Carving out and survey of portion of IDC Primary School for Primary Health CentreSeeni, Ibadan in Ido Local GovernmentTo provide health care facilities in the rural areasPerimeter survey
  • Layout Survey of Phase I on Industrial Park along Lagos/Ibadan
    • Expressway


  • Re-establishment Survey of Games village, Akanran;
  • Perimeter Survey of 3000.00m2 of Land allocated to Oyo State Command of Road Safety Corps;


  • Sub-division Survey of Land within the various GRA;
  • Re-establishment Survey of parcels of land within the various GRA;


  • Preliminary Survey of un-encumbered parcel of Land within Agodi Gardens Site;


  • Survey works for various Agencies like Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of
    • Education, BIP etc;


  • Inspection and Charting of Survey Plans attached to applications for Statutory Right of Occupancy and Deed of Assignment;


  • Checking of Record Copies submitted by the Practicing Registered Surveyors in the State;


  • Discussions on modality of executing the Home Owners Charter Program of this administration are on-going.







Department of Mapping, Geo-information, and Boundaries

Activities for The Month of September, 2017.

Mapping Section

  • Counter report on Ogun/Oyo Boundary dispute
  • Settlement of Boundary dispute between Oyo West and Afijio Local Government
  • Cartography Section

The following jobs were registered, fairdrawn and lerroyed along with their plan numbers for the month of September, 2017.

  • Plan showing property survey of Legacy Estate at Kolapo Ishola GRA, plot 2 block C, leased to Mr. Oyetunji Oyejide Ajiboye, Lagelu Local Government Area. Plan No.IB.3284.
  • Plan showing property survey leased to Chief Iyiola Oladokun at Kolapo Ishola GRA plot 24, block I, Monatan, Lagelu LGA plan No.IB.3285.
  • Plan showing property survey sub-leased to GASTAB GLOBAL HLAULAGE (NIG) LTD. at ICC Mokola layout block VII, plot 7 along Mokola/Sango road, Ibadan North LGA plan No.IB.3286.
  • Plan showing property survey leased to JUMBO MARINE LIMITED. Block XVI at Mokola market area. Ibadan North LGA. Plan No.IB.3288.
  • Plan showing property survey leased to Richard Dosu Adelu. Portion of layout of Old Aerodrome Sango/Bodija, Ibadan North Local Govt. Area. Plan No.IB.3287
  • Plan showing property survey leased to YODIYA NIG. LTD. and MR. TAIWO RANTI AZEEZ, sub-division of plot 8A (IB.1308) Iyaganku GRA, Ibadan South West LGA Plan No.IB.3289.
  • Plan showing propert5y said to belong to Mr. Samuel Orajiaka. Plot A, block 48 Ibadan District Council layout at Ijebu bye-pass Oke-Ado. Ibadan South West LGA. Plan No.IB.3290.


  • One Hundred and Fifty –two (152)Certificates were issued during the month of September, 2017
  • One Hundred and Thirty-two(132) plans were verified
  • Sixty –two (62) files were opened for verification and filling of record copies for (C of O)
  • Seven (7) files were checked for record copies and re-submission of copies that are erroeon.
  • Three Hundred and Eighty-seven (387) record copies were dipped into their respective positions.
  • Recording of surveyor’s plan into their ledger
  • Recording of Government plans into their ledger and dipping them into their respective positions.


The following Diazos Prints were carried out based on request for the month of September, 2017.

Date                              Title Plan nosCopies
05-09-171. Ib,N/L Govt. plot IX Block II Mokola Layout,  Ib.

2. Ib. N.W L/Govt. Jericho Ib. Trans Nig. Motels Ltd.

3. Ogbomoso N.L/Govt. GRA, Abegunde Road Ogbomoso







06-09-171. Lagelu L/Govt. Kolapo Ishola GRA, Monatan Ib .

2. Ibadan Division, The Agodi Gardens site





07-09-17    Ib.N.W L/Govt.Sub. Division of Jericho GRA,

Baale Akintayo Rd. Ib.

IB.3288   6
11-09-17    Ib. S.W L/Govt. GRA, Alalubosa, Ib.IB.2134   1
19-09-17    Ib.N/L/Govt., Block XI plot VI Mokola Layout Ib.IB.3280   4
22-09-17    Gastab Global Haulage Ib. N.L/Govt  Mokola/Sango Rd. Ib.IB.3286   6
25-09-17    Mr. Babatunde Ogbongbon & Family at Opopo Labiran Ib.IB.620   2
26-09-17    Obgomoso Local Planning Authority, Ogbomoso.MAK/001/79   2
27-09-17   Ib. S.W.L/Govt, Sub-Division of plot 8A Ib.1308 on

Iyaganku GRA, Ib.


IB.3289   8
28-09-171. 33 L/Govt  Map of Oyo State 1:500,000 scale

2. Ibadan & Environs


3. Jumbo Marine Ltd. Ib N.L/Govt. Mokola Ib.

4. Ib. N.L/Govt Blok XVIA plot I, Mokola Ib.


1:50,000 scale











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