Oyo State Bureau of Statistics


Our Vision

To be a world class virtual centre for statistics through shared commitments to excellence by all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To produce comprehensive, reliable and timely data that will assist Government and all other users at all levels to take evidence-based:

  1. Advocacy about the essence of statistics in policy and decision making;
  2. Production and dissemination of quality data in timely and coordinate manner;
  3. Promotion of the use of best practices and international standards in statistical production, building capacity for the production and use of statistical data;
  4. Promotion of observance of fundamental principles of Official statistics.

Strategic Objectives

  • To conduct Research into financial and general social-economic issues and prepare as well as examine financial reports, memoranda, position papers, etc.
  • To collect, compile and publish data which are necessary for planning and development of the State.


Email:       oyosbstatistics@gmail.com

Phone no:  08067215162

Address:    Room 1, Oyo State Bureau Of Statistics Water Building Secretariat Ibadan

The Bureau shall be the main State Agency responsible for

  • The development and management of official statistics and the authoritative source and custodian of official statistics in the state.
  • Coordination of the statistical system.
  • Advising the State and LGAs on matters of statistics
  • Development and promotion of the use of statistical standard and appropriate methodologies in the system at individual Local government, State, institutional, national and international levels.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis, interpretation and dissemination and publishing of statistical information either alone or with collaboration with other Agencies (both Government and Non-Governmental Agencies).
  • Development and maintenance of a comprehensive state data bank.
  • Raising public awareness about the importance and role of statistical information in the society.
  • Building sustainable capacity for the production and use of statistical data and information in the State.
  • The governance structure will be inclusive – collaborating with the private sector, civil society groups and donor community;
  • Accountability and Transparency will be entrenched;
  • Other core values like work ethics and discipline, Gender sensitivity and quality service delivery will be pursued.
  • Successful transformation of the formal Department of Macro-Statistics and Research of the Ministry of Economic Planning & Budget into Oyo State Bureau of Statistics.
  • Publication of      Annual Digests of Statistics (Education, Medical & health, Agriculture, Justice & Penal) and Statistical Year Book.
  • Publication of Bi-Monthly Price Bulletins.
  • Computation of State GDP in collaboration with National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
  • Publication of Atlas of Social Indicators on Situation on Women and Children in Oyo State in collaboration with UNICEF.
  • Conduct of survey on Out of School Children.
  • The Bureau, in conjunction with the Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP) & Public Private Partnership (PPP) carried out Compilation of information for Nigeria Investment Certification Programmes for State (NICPS) of which Oyo state came second at the end of the National exercise.
  • The Bureau in conjunction with e-Health Africa, an NGO carried out a survey on 19 Points of Interest e.g Education, Health, water points, dump sites facilities etc. across the 33 local Governments in the State.
  • Draft Compendium of Oyo State Budget Speech, 1976-2019.
  • Draft Digest of Oyo State at a Glance.
  • Draft Digest of Market Days in Oyo State.




  • Production of Quarterly Price Bulletin
  • Production of 2018-2019 edition of Statistical Year Book.
  • Publication of 2018-2019 edition of Medical and Health Statistics
  • Publication of 2018-2019 edition of Education Statistics
  • Publication of 2018-2019 edition of Agriculture Statistics
  • Publication of 2018-2019 edition of Motor Vehicle Statistics

Oyo State Bureau of statistics established by an act of parliament and assented to by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo state (Senator Abiola Ajimobi) on the 15th November, 2012 was formerly known as Department of Macro¬-Statistics & Research, in the Ministry of Economic Planning & Budget. However, the Bureau actually took off on sound footing in January, 2015 with the appointment of the Acting Statistician General.

The establishment of the State Bureau of Statistics was in tandem with the execution of the new National Statistical Master Plan which established the National Bureau of Statistics and the State Bureau of Statistics to facilitate uniform, reliable and timely data collection.

The Bureau is the main State agency responsible for the development and the management of official statistics and the authoritative source and custodian of official statistics in the State specifically, the Bureau is responsible for collection, compilation, analysis, interpretation, disseminate and publishing of statistical information in Oyo State.

The Bureau comprises of the six (6) Departments which are as stated below:-

  1. Censuses and surveys
  2. Social and Economic Statistics Department
  3. Research and Methodology Department
  4. Finance and Accounts Department
  5. Administration and Supplies Department
  6. Corporate and Technical Planning

Function of Each Department

 Census and Survey Department

  • Annual agricultural crop sample survey, five or ten yearly samples census, fishery, livestock and forestry survey, census of Agric modern Holding.
  • Labour force, consumer survey, core welfare questionnaires survey and all other household based surveys other than Agric survey.
  • Compilation and maintenance of frames i.e. enumeration area and establishment frames data collection for all surveys of SBS,   supervision of L.G.A offices.
  • Census of industries and businesses, annual and quarterly establishment surveys, survey of hotels and restaurants, building       and construction survey.

Social and Economic Statistics Department

  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of education statistics.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of Motor Vehicle statistics.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of health statistics.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of price statistics.
  • Computation of state Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Computation of SDG indicators.

Research and Methodology Department

  • Research into Local units of measure and survey methods support analytical functions of SBS Quality Control
  • Develop, set, maintain and promote statistical standards for the State statistical system and S.A.S. design of sample surveys.
  • Preparation of five yearly and annual programs, budgets, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Coordinate SBS and NBS activities, and activities of Departments of SBS.
  • Produce, integrating publication like State statistical Year Book, Digest of statistics. Respond to local and international questionnaire.
  • Run the library and the sales outfit of SBS. Tender secretariat.
  • Network design and installation and development of application software.
  • Design of census and surveys instruments.

Corporate and Technical Planning

  • Liaise with both local and foreign donors partners.

Finance and Accounts Department

  • Processing of all payments in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and office of the Accountant General
  • Preparation of Financial Report on monthly basis or as at when required by the Chief Accounting Officer
  • Posting and updating of Cash Books
  • Posting and updating of Department Vote Expenditure
  • Preparation of Staff Nominal Roll and submission of same to the Ministry of Finance and Budget
  • Coordinating of all banking transactions
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements on monthly basis
  • Attending to all financial issues coming from other MDAs
  • Ensuring the safe custody of all financial documents such as Cheque books, tellers, official rubber stamp e.t.c
  • Maintaining of Petty Cash Books as approved by the Chief Accounting Officer through the Fund Allocation Committee
  • Checking and counter-checking of both internal and external Payment Vouchers
  • Submission of Internal Audit Report to the offices of the Accountant-General and Auditor-General

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Promotion of staff
  • Training needs to promote staff’s productivity
  • Discipline of erring members of staff
  • Preparation of the Bureau’s annual estimates in conjunction with the Finance and Accounts Department
  • Policy formulation and implementation
  • Management of the Registries (Open and Confidential)
  • Procurements and supply of items needed for unhindered  operational activities
  • Store management
  • Maintenance of the Bureau’s assets
  • Coordination of the activities of the drivers attached to the Bureau.

Publications of:

  • Annual Digest of Health Statistics
  • Annual Digest of Education Statistics
  • Annual Digest of Motor Vehicle Statistics
  • Annual Digest of Public Finance Statistics
  • Annual Digest of Agriculture Statistics
  • Monthly Bulletin of Prices of selected Foodstuffs
  • Quarterly Price Bulletin
  • Market Calendar
  • Hank Book
  • Oyo State Statistical Year Book.
  • Other Publications from Research/Survey/Census

Compilation and analysis of key statistical indicators for publication

The process of automation of the operations of the Bureau is in progress.

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