The Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission  was established in year 2007 by a Law cited as “Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission Law 2007”, as a statutory body for providing manpower requirements for the service of Oyo State House of Assembly.

The Commission was however not functional until 2012 when the Executive Governor His Excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi appointed five (5) people as the first set of members for the Commission.  The members consist of the Chairman, two Full Time Commissioner and two Part Time Commissioners.  Meanwhile, one of the Commissioners failed to report for duty.

Our Vision

To engage, develop and improve the House Services including provision of adequate manpower requirement and to make Oyo State the most Legislative developed State in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give quality staff support to the House and its Members, to enable them make laws for the peace, order and good governance of Oyo State.

Our Objectives

  • To appoint person to hold or act in the office of the Clerk of the House and in all other offices in the service of the House of Assembly.
  • Appointment to the position of the Clerk of the House shall be made from among the senior staff of the House and the Commission, provided such a staff is not below the rank of a Director.
  • To make appointments, transfers and to confirm appointments.
  • To exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in those offices in accordance with the existing service regulations.
  • To perform other specific functions as the case may be.
  • To maintain comprehensive and current personnel records for Legislative Staff.
  • Retain the ultimate responsibility for all matters relating to the appointments, employment, discipline and other interest of Staff.
  • The Commission makes provision were necessary to fill any vacancy for staff of House of Assembly in line with existing service regulations.
  • Formulate regulations for:
    • The conditions of service.
    • Allowances and other benefits of staff of the Commission and House of Assembly.
    • Produce and publish the Commission’s Strategic Plans, Annual Reports, Annual Estimates/Expenditures and documents on public engagement with the Commission.

          The Oyo state House of Assembly Service Commission (OYHASC) was established in year 2007 by Law cited as “Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission Law 2007” as a statutory body for providing manpower requirements for the service of Oyo State House of Assembly.

The Commission was put in place and became functional in 2012 when the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi appointed Five (05) Board Members on 19th February, 2012.  This consists of the Chairman, 2 full- time and 2 part-time Commissioners, who were to serve for a period of four (4) years.  The members serve in a corporate capacity and do not represent political parties.

In the same view, according to section 5(1) of the enabling law, Mr. E.A Adegbite was appointed as the first Acting Secretary of the Commission by His Excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

The main focus of the Commission is to work effectively to support the House of Assembly to enable the members make laws for the peace, order and good governance of Oyo state.

The Commission is a statutory corporate body and is independent in the performance of its functions.  The Law establishing the Commission has given it sufficient freedom and latitude in reaching its decisions and is completely insulated from politics.  Members do not represent political parties as they are not supposed to be members of any political party, but operate on the principle of supporting the House and House Members equally in the performance of their duties as elected representatives of the people.  The Commission has no role in relation to parliamentary business.

The Commission is the public service body and the highest policy making body which decision is implemented by the management.  The Commission is scheduled to hold statutory Plenary Board meeting every Tuesday and regular management meeting.

Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission has three Departments in line with Section 16 of the Enabling Law and, through which it carries out its statutory duties. They are:

  • Department of Administration & Supplies
  • Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Department of Finance and Account
  1. Inter- Commission Visits: The Commission continues to have

interactions with sister Commissions with a view to exchanging ideas and comparing notes for development.  The Commission visited Kaduna and Lagos States House of Assembly Service Commissions in year 2013 and 2014 respectively.


  1. The South- West commissioners Visit to Oyo State: The South west Commissioners of the National Assembly Service Commission paid  a visit to the Commission on Monday 2nd June, 2014.  It was a useful time of meaningful interaction of comparing notes and ideas.


  1. Schemes of Service and Commission’s Regulations: The  Commission was able to publish  the Schemes of Service and regulations in year 2014.


  1. Working Environment: The Commission purchased additional items of Furniture, equipment and official vehicles in year 2013, in order to improve the working condition of the political office holders and staff of the Commission.


  1. Appointment/ Recruitment: The Commission  employed a total of Twenty- five (25) staffers for the House of Assembly and Service Commission.


  1. Conversion/Advancement: The Commission successfully interviewed and approved the conversion of 28 officers to ensure effective and efficient legislative services.


  1. Training and Staff Development: The Commission remains committed to training  and staff development which is in consonance with Human Capital Development Programme of the Oyo State Government.  Training and re- training programmes were organised  for the staff and political officer holders with the objectives of sharpening their administrative and managerial skills and ensuring quality management and leadership to assist the House to deliver excellent parliamentary service to the people of Oyo State.


  1. Manpower Development of Staff:    The Legislative and Commission staff participated in some In-House training  organized  by the State Government for all cadres in the Civil Service in year 2014.


  1. Empowerment programme: Two (02) empowerment programmes were recently organized by the Commission in  year 2016. These include:
  1. In- house training for Legislative and Commission staff employed between 2012 and 2015.
  2. Health Workshop on Cervical Cancer Screening Exercise organized for  female Legislative  and Commission staff.
  1. INTER COMMISSION VISIT: The Commission seeks for improved

Interactive/ Inter Commission visits locally and internationally to encourage exchange of ideas and best practices.

  1. STANDING ORDER: The  State Government is expected to facilitate

the production of the standing orders for the Commission as stated in section 11 (2) of the extant law of the Commission which empowers the Commission to “regulate its proceedings and make standing orders for that purpose.

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